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TG H34

Condenser Headset Microphone (supercardioid)
  • Especially suitable for musicians or dancers on stages or gym classes
  • Easy handling, high gain before feedback and an excellent fit?
  • It is also suitable for presentations of all kinds
  • TG- or Opus-wireless systems: for wired use, the optional MA PVA (TG) or CV 18 (Opus) phantom power converter is necessary

Delivery time: 5-7 days | free shipping within the US 5-7 days | free shipping within the US 5-7 days | free shipping within the US

freedom of movement

???????The TG H34 neckworn micropohone ensures maximum freedom of movement and is therefore ideal for all free-hand applications. On stage it is very popular among singing dancers, keyboarders and drummers. Furthermore, it is also suitale for all kinds of presentations and sport lessons.


The TG H34 features easy handling, a natural sound and optimal fit. The Supercardioid polar pattern provides a high gain before feedback. The flexible gooseneck allows optimally positioning.

tg pin out

The "TG" version works on pocket transmitters from the Unite series and from the TG series, like -100, -500 or -1000. If the microphone is used wired, the "MA PVA" power converter is necessary, it converts the necessary phantom power from the microphone input into an audio wire power supply required by the microphone.


opus pin out

The "Opus" version works with pocket transmitters from the various Opus radio series such as -300, -500, -600, -800, -900 and -910. For wired connection to a microphone input with phantom power the "CV 18" power supply is required. "Opus" and "TG" versions are electrically incompatible.


Technical Data

Singing, Speech
Transmission Type
Transducer Type
Polar Pattern
article No.



MAN_TGH34_DE-EN-FR.pdf (140.15 KB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_TGH34_EN_A3.pdf (316.60 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_TG-Series_EN_EU.pdf (82.12 KB)

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